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Calligraphy by Jonathan Root (風乾). Written in the late fall of 2020, in Vermont – 庚子寒露於佛蒙特. Calligraphy in the style of 歐陽詢. Written on the Wall at Chang’s Hermitage 題張氏隱居二首 – poet Du Fu 杜甫 (712AD-770AD) of the Tang Dynasty.


Publications in Poetry:

  1.  Blink. Randolph’s PoemTown, April 2019. Randolph, Vermont
  2.  冬天的早晨 (Translation of poem Blink), 岳阳周刊 (Yueyang Daily), January 27th, 2019 (Newspaper of Yueyang City, Yueyang, Hunan, China).
  3. Still Leaf. Randolph’s PoemTown, April 2020. Randolph, Vermont
  4. The Snow Falls from the East. Randolph’s PoemTown, April 2021. Randolph, Vermont

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