Written on the Wall at Chang’s Hermitage

Calligraphy by Jonathan Root (風乾). Written in the late fall of 2020, in Vermont – 庚子寒露於佛蒙特. Calligraphy in the style of 歐陽詢,

To rest in uncertainty, we come to hold ourselves for who we are, as the land holds each blade of grass, each tree and fallen limb. With this last item we realize that it is natural to fall, to forgive and forget, and allow a new stem to sprout. And on this great land, we too know that there is room for the animals to roam, for the deer to be guided from stream to stream, as if they have lost their way: 麇鹿遊乘興杳然迷出處對君疑是泛虛舟。 As if they have lost their way, and the way back forgotten – I become like you, an empty boat, floating, adrift.

Poem (excerpt): Written on the Wall at Chang’s Hermitage 題張氏隱居二首

Poet: Du Fu 杜甫 (712AD-770AD) of the Tang Dynasty

(Ink/Calligraphy, 18”x24”)

Paper: Bamboo

The writing reads top to bottom, right to left:

You have learned to be gentle

As the mountain deer you have tamed.

The way back forgotten, hidden

Away, I become like you,

An empty boat, floating adrift.  (Translation by Kenneth Rexroth)