(Picture taken in Huarong, Hunan, China 华容县,岳阳市,湖南,中国,behind the number 1 middle school.)

Reminiscence of the soul: Plato believed that true learning was a process of remembering. It is to reminisce on that which once was. In two poems, Waterfall and Drift, I envision a time that once was, when the true meaning of Heaven and Earth was known.

The poem waterfall is read by me here

For the second poem Drift, I have decided to self-publish. I combined both poems together into a short “prelude” called “Reminiscence”, which can be found here:  Support my work

Description of  this work: Reminiscence is a song of Man, Woman, and Earth – reminiscing on what once was and still is. Reminiscing on our shared inheritance under Heaven and on Earth. As such it echoes the true meaning of Heaven and Earth.

The work as a whole is a two poem prelude introducing a new mode of being. This mode of being is a descent into the somatic field, and in turn a descent into the Earth. In the first movement, “Waterfall” depicts modern Man’s predicament under the implicit light of Adam and Eve and the symbolism therein. In the second movement, “Drift” is none other than a movement into the Soul, both male and female, and which is found in instinct, in heart, and in spirit: “Drift into the darkness, the brilliance of my soul…”

The first poem was written by the author (Jonathan Root) during his studies as a PhD student in mathematics; the second poem was written during his stay as a volunteer teacher in China upon visiting the city of Kunming located in the Yunnan province (a profoundly deep land). As such both poems retain the precise influence of the environment, land, and mind from which they were born.